Julia Prichard

"Nicola came in to declutter and organise my teenage daughter's bedroom! This is no doubt one of the jobs I dread more than any other! Nicola to the rescue! No teenage strops! No mummy daughter arguments! Nicola took over, and as a mother herself, knew exactly how to handle the situation. Calm and collected, she sat and discussed what my daughter would like her room to look like! What she felt was causing the MESS!?!  What the priorities were! Within a morning her bedroom has been cleared! Bags for charity, recycling and selling emerged! Nicola recommended some new storage for books and school work! Which my daughter paid for from the funds she made from selling some of her bags and clothing! Can't thank Nicola enough! I'm looking forward to her tackling the next project in my house!"

Stacey Cox

"Nicola is definitely the girl that can organise ANYTHING! I work in a very logistical job and I am super organised... a little OCD in my work but I struggle to find the energy to be that organised at home! Nicola really helped to restructure and adapt my way of thinking when tackling a project! Next task... wardrobe clear out!"

Hannah Jane Fox

"Nicola Lewis is the epitome of organisation. Born from a genuine passion for helping, inspiring, caring for and entertaining others. Charismatic and astute, Nicola never fails to dazzle me taking it all in her happy stride. Always the optimist, anything really is achievable when Nicola is in the driving seat. Her knowledge of all things current and of interest, whether it be a local vintage sale or booking the most sought after table in Milan, Nicola has already secured relationships with both quicker then it takes you to find your own shoes. I can thoroughly declare Nicola the PA you are looking for. An outstanding person to work with and to know."

Jacqui Lubin (Media Consultant)

 "This Girl Can Organise did an amazing job for me and I would recommend them to all my clients & associates. Everyone I dealt with from start to finish was dedicated to making sure that I was happy and that the process was stress free. The whole team was friendly & professional and I will most definitely use them again"