Day 7: Declutter Tupperware

You gotta love a Sunday, no morning alarm, relax and recharge, long walks, roast dinners and decluttering your Tupperware. Yes, that’s right, today’s challenge is the Tupperware drawer.

Now, how many times do you search for tupperware in the kitchen only to find just the lids, annoying isn’t it. If there is only 2 or 4 of you in the house ask yourself, do I really need 25 food containers? The answer will probably be no.  So, todays challenge shouldn’t take you too long to complete, however taxing it may feel, trust me it’s a great opportunity to declutter lots of lonely lids.

A couple of years ago, TGCO decided enough was enough and rules were needed if Tupperware wanted to stay in our kitchen. I am very mindful when purchasing containers for our food storage and now aim to purchase the variety with the coloured lids.

The coloured lids allow you to be pair the correct container with its lid. This creates a sense of ease and calmness to a normally frantic situation.  I also store the lids in a medium sized container, you can use an old ice cream tub or sweet tin and then simply stack the glass containers by its side inside the kitchen cupboard.

One last thing to add, I traded the plastic variety to Pyrex / Tupperware glass containers and strangely now, nothing seems to go missing.